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KlangHaus Bunker is a music, mix and recording studio, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2018. We specialise in recording and mixing of bands and orchestras up to 6 people, and we have a live room big enough to accommodate a whole band recording at once.

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Room for rent

KlangHaus is a creative community for sound designers, film composers, and songwriters, music producers, etc.

We offer rental of soundproofed and acoustic regulated post-production facilities designed to include songwriting, film music, sound design and mixing & mastering. With a meeting/living room, kitchen & toilet facilities. The opportunity to get in-house prices on the bunker (recording room) if you become part of this community.

  • - Free tea and coffee
  • - 24 hour alarm center
  • - LAN / Wireless 25/25 fiber network
  • - Cleaning of common areas.

Sound Design

Sound surrounds us and affects us both positively and negatively in many situations during a day. Sound may have different expressions and can be designed to communicate specific impressions. How we perceive sound, how sound affects us and what audio is.

In KlangHaus we will meet your accommodations towards design and implementation of audio for interactive and adaptive media. For example, it be sound installations or sound scenes for art and culture. There may be audio for computer games, movies, events or museums, where the sound must support particular moods or adapt to the surroundings.

If necessary we will hire the expertise or nerds to give you the right product. Remember, that we have a house full of people that are specialist in their fields og sound and music, and we therefore have a huge network that we can draw on.


Mix & Mastering

Under construction

Composition & Orchestration

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