About us

"If you got a trumpet, get on your feet brother, and blow it!" - Nick Cave

Our mission at Asp Productions ApS is to rethink, develop and challenge the use and understanding of audio immersive media in order to create the next era of branded sonic content

Who are we?

KlangHaus was founded by two Danish brothers Allan Asp Christensen and Lars Asp Christensen, who both have a master's degree in audio / games and music. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a company seeking new challenges to develop creative interactive sound projects in art and commercial use. We have a house of professional composers, songwriters, sound designers, and therefore offer different services and production.

Our portfolio is a hybrid of music production, sound design, and implementation for both artistic and commercial distributions. We create unique audio experiences for each individual costumer and have all the resources and competencies available to produce content for interactive and static audio experiences.

Partners in Crime

I love challenging the listener with a raw audio experience, and therefore I mostly use original or organic instruments/field recordings for my audio universe, which I manipulate later in the process. I am in the nerd of sound- & game design and have a penchant for indie rock and electronic music. I'm educated at Sonic College and Game Design at ITU. Allan photoAllan Asp Christensen

Partner, Project Leader & Game/Audio Designer

As I start producing music, my approach is always very theoretical, but always gives it a full spade when I improvise. I am the nerd of music theory and compositions, and have a penchant for good old classic rock and jazz. Is educated at the Music Institute at the University of Copenhagen. Lars photoLars Christian Asp Christensen

Partner, Producer & Orchestral Composer

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